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Shop with Us

Give as you shop online…

easyfundraising logo-200x104Easyfundraising is a brilliant and easy way to raise money for Whiteley Village.

If you purchase anything online eg. groceries, flights, insurance, books, vitamins, fridges, computers, flowers, you could help us raise funds at no extra cost to yourself.    There are over  2,700 retailers registered with easyfundraising and they’ll give a donation every time you buy something, at no extra cost to you.

Please do take a look and join us.  Think about Christmas, birthdays and special occasions, plus all the regular annual and monthly purchases you make.  As at March 2016 we have raised £415.78.

amazon_tcm79-22874Whiteley Village has an affiliate arrangement with Amazon.

A donation of 5% is made every time you make a purchase. Simply follow the link below and you’ll be redirected to the Whitely Village Amazon site. You will pay the normal online price with nothing added. The donation comes from the retailer with NO extra mark-up!

Amazon Link

ebay-imageNew and existing eBayers can create an “eBay for Charity” listing to sell their own items for Whiteley Village.  This is an excellent way to donate money straight into The Whiteley Homes Trust.  Clear your clutter and make a difference.
You can chose to donate between 10% -100% of the final sale price to The Whiteley Homes Trust.

Standard eBay fees apply, a pro rata fee credit is made to those making a donation. So if you donate 100% of the final fee to Whiteley Village, your fee credit will be 100% (therefore costing you nothing).

How to do it

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Firstly, make sure you are in the advanced listing tool. If not click the ‘switch to advanced tool’ in the top right hand corner (see below).

step 1-673x188
List an item for sale in your usual way. During the listing, Under Raise money for your favourite charity, select Whiteley Village.

Select the percentage of your final sale price, eg 10%-100% (1% for vehicle sales).

step 2-674x177
Complete the rest of the selling form.

Once your eBay for Charity listing is live, the charity icon will appear next to your listing’s title in eBay search and on the item page. Information about Whiteley Village and the amount you are donating will also appear in the listing.

These features make eBay for Charity listings stand out, and they may increase your bids and/or final sale price.