Spooky celebrations – and a few surprises

30th October 2020

We had some spooky fun this week with our residents living in Ingram House and the Eliza Palmer Hub where we celebrated Halloween with a themed tea party and some arts and craft activities.

Staff and residents shared their childhood memories with some recalling apple bobbing and, before pumpkins became popular, people remembered carving swedes and turnips to make scary faces and lanterns – with one pinching the turnips from a field beside her house!

But while asking residents about their Halloween stories, staff were in for a surprise as many assume trick and treating is a more modern tradition from America but it’s got a long history here too, and our residents remembered it well!

One said with a chuckle, “I remember when we were told not to open the door on trick or treat night. So my friend didn’t open her door and do you know what they did?  They poured flour all over her car!” Some said they were a bit more cautious though: “We only ever went trick or treating on the doorsteps of those we knew, not like now.”

Another recalled, “We always had to make sure we had sweets in for the trick or treaters and we used to tell ghost stories. My mum used to tell us hers when she was a nurse and got called out to a famously haunted house in Somerset, although she didn’t realise it at the time and didn’t like it very much!”

Below are some of the lovely pictures taken during residents’ arts and crafts afternoon. Whatever spooky fun you have planned – enjoy and stay safe. Happy Halloween from Whiteley Village!



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