Relief as Whiteley vaccination clinic completes first dose of Covid-19 vaccine for almost all villagers over 70 and staff

28th January 2021

It was relief all round at Whiteley Village today after an onsite clinic completed the first round of vaccinations for almost all the remaining staff and over 70s living in the Village.

The Trust’s management had been working closely with the Surrey Heartlands Clinical Commissioning Group since November to try and set up the clinic as Whiteley has so many very vulnerable people living together on site.

Despite all the complex logistics, the visiting NHS team were able to give the more portable Astra Zeneca vaccine to around 150 residents and staff at Whiteley Village today – including a number of housebound which means the majority of those living on site have now had their first dose of Covid-19 vaccine (either off-site or at the Whiteley clinic today), and some are already starting to have their second.

One resident Sue Nightingale (main image), who is 73 “in two weeks!”, said how delighted she was to be offered the jab. “I was so surprised and relieved to get my letter offering me the jab at Whiteley Village this week. I really did feel emotional about it, but it’s part and parcel of what we’ve all been going through. Being shut off for so many weeks.

“I have breathing problems, so it has been a really frightening time. I used to love line dancing and I really miss my friends and family. The virus was like a shutter coming down on our lives, and you just don’t know how much time you have left do you?

“I try not to listen to too much of the news. I listen a bit then turn it off and put on some music to dance to and cheer myself up which really helps!”

Rachel Hill, Chief Executive of Whiteley Village and a Registered Nurse (pictured here helping resident Josie Jackson prepare for her vaccination), attended in her nursing uniform in case she was needed to support the NHS vaccinators.

“We were delighted to be able to organise the clinic here after so many weeks of trying to sort the logistics. The CCG and local NHS have been very supportive as they recognised we were an unusual case given the hundreds of vulnerable people living here in one place.

“We’ve had incredibly low infection rates here in the Village to date and this is a vital step in protecting our residents from Covid-19. I’m really grateful to all those who helped make it happen and ensured everything went so smoothly.”

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