Make a wish

18th March 2021

After such a difficult year, wishing is something we’ve all been doing a lot of. It has been an especially hard time for those living in care though, and so one of our Activity Coordinators, Kirstien Duester had the idea of creating a Wishing Tree for residents living in the Eliza Palmer Hub, one of our care homes here at Whiteley Village.

Kirstien said: “I was inspired to do this because it’s been so hard for our residents – wishing to see their families and wishing to go out on visits for example. I thought it would be lovely to encourage them to focus positively on the future when lockdown is over, and things start getting back to normal – especially with better weather on the way.

“So, we started thinking about what wishes they wanted on our tree. Some were quite practical, but we also had quite a lot of fun thinking them up and had a great afternoon together. It really boosted everyone’s spirits dreaming about all the lovely things we’ll be able to do in a few months’ time!“

Here are a few of the wishes Kirstien had for the Wishing Tree:

  • Peace and happiness always
  • I would love a puppy
  • I wish to see my adopted daughter who lives in Edinburgh
  • I wish for my granddaughter to become famous with her art
  • I wish I could see better
  • I wish to go to Wisley Gardens
  • Health and happiness
  • Sunny days always
  • I wish to go to the theatre
  • I wish I could see all my family together

But this one made Kirstien’s day: “I wish to have an Army man come into my life in his uniform and whisk me away!”

Kirstien said: “Sadly we won’t be able to `grant` all the wishes, but we’re going to go through them and see what we can do when it’s safe to do so. But in the meantime, it’ll be something lovely for everyone to look forward to!”

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