In Touch: September

18th September 2020

In September’s edition of In Touch we have focussed on the importance of looking after our mental health and wellbeing as well as our physical health during these difficult and uncertain times. As Rachel Hill our CEO says: ” Not since the Second World War has public movement been so restricted and so much of our normal routine disrupted. Things that have an important influence on our wellbeing such as seeing loved ones, doing favourite pastimes and other social activities may have been significantly limited or stopped altogether, and so it’s understandable that many may be feeling frustrated and anxious.”

But we don’t have to struggle alone, as there is support available. In this edition we feature an article from Healthwatch Surrey, an independent organisation dedicated to gathering insights and feedback from health and social care service users in the borough. Through their work they are very aware of the impact anxiety and loneliness is having on people’s mental health and include information about the many support services available to older people and all.

As Rachel concludes: “We need to be especially patient, kind and supportive of each other right now – and in the coming weeks and months, but if we work together we can help each other stay safe and keep well.”

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