In Touch: April

9th April 2021

Joy, hope and generosity are the themes of this month’s edition of In Touch as our new Chaplain, The Rev. Susan Barter, took her first service at Whiteley on a sunny Easter Sunday with a message of hope, as we all begin to gradually move out of lockdown and look forward to getting our lives back to back to normal. Churchgoers were delighted to be piped into their morning service by Susan’s 14 year old granddaughter, Isabelle – a pupil at Gordon’s School – who played the bagpipes. You can also read the wonderful story of Mary Baldock, who at the age of 85, started her first paper round to ensure her neighbours in Huntley House, our extra care centre, continued to get their morning papers when the newsagent was no longer able to do door-to-door deliveries in the building, due to lockdown. Our staff often give up their personal time to volunteer for other organisations too, and we also feature our Marketing Manager, Claire Atkins who recently trained to be a Covid vaccinator for St John’s Ambulance, to help “give something back”, during the pandemic.

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