The Villager Magazine – October 2016

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Villager Magazine – October 2016

This month I have had the privilege of working with our Home Care Team on an early morning shift in the Village. I wanted to tell you about this as I had so many positive comments from the people we visited about just how much they valued the care and support they received from the staff. Also because the staff I worked with were so dedicated and diligent in paying attention to the individuals who depend on them.
This team provides some important help with the tasks of daily living. The little things that make us all feel better about ourselves and ready to face the day. From helping you to have a warm cup of tea in the morning, to assistance in the shower, to make you feel fresh and clean, to checking that people have taken their pills which keep their long term conditions under control, all are hugely life affirming acts that provide opportunities for social interaction, sometimes with people who are housebound and don’t see many other people at all. It is difficult to imagine, for those who are hale and hearty, that we may ever be in need of these wonderful services. Indeed we sometimes feel that asking for help is failure. However, I can say from my own experience with the team that the kindness, care and attention to the needs of the individuals made me think how lucky we are to have this service in the Village. For anyone in need themselves and requiring information about the support available then please contact either Agnes or Lisa on 825846 and 825839.

Chandra McGowan, CEO