Legacies and In Memory Giving



We provide care, community and homes to enable older people of limited means to enjoy their last years in safety, witvillage-view-smallh dignity and with choice.

A legacy gift will enable us to support even more older people and to enlarge and shape Whiteley’s future.  Your gift will make a considerable difference and allow us to be the best place to age in Britain.

William Whiteley left a legacy gift of £1,000,000 in 1907, which enabled the Trustees to purchase the land and create the Village as it is today.    Your legacy gift, will help us continue his vision to to add impact to his original bequest.

A legacy gift can be done when you first make your Will, or later by adding a codicil.  You should always see a Solicitor to help you do this and to explore any tax saving advantages.  Below you will find a downloadable example of a Codicil.

We understand that your Will is personal to you.   There is no need to inform us of your pledge unless you wish to do so.  However, if you would like to tell us about your pledge we would be most grateful, as it will help us with our forward planning.  It will also enable us to thank you and to provide you with updates on the things that interest you most.  Plus we can invite you to any special events for Pledger’s that we might hold to acknowledge you and others who are pledging a legacy gift.

Please accept our warmest thanks for your generosity and support.

Downloadable Documents

Legacies and Loved Ones

Types of Legacy & Tax

Legacy Codicil Form

Legacies Useful Links


In Memory Giving

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Giving in memory of a loved one or friend is a very personal way of honouring their memory.

Gift donations can be collected in lieu of flowers at the funeral.   Most funeral directors are willing to collect the donations, handling the administration of the gifts for you, keeping you informed and making sure they are passed to The Whiteley Homes Trust.

Please accept our warmest thanks for your generosity and support.