The Villager Magazine – February 2018

You can view/download the February issue of the Villager magazine HERE.


The Villager Magazine – February 2018

February, and here we are with spring not far away.
We do look forward to receiving input for the magazine from the Villagers. Recipes, poems and snippets of interesting information are all welcome. Look out in next months’ magazine for details of a short story competition which the Villager Magazine Committee would like to run. We hear of the such interesting lives many of you and/or your families have led, so we thought it would be good to gather these stories to share with the rest of the village.
Wishing you all a happy February and lots of Valentine cards!
The Villager Magazine Committee

Whiteley Village awarded a Make a Difference Award from Surrey Choices

Surrey Choices




Whiteley Village awarded a Make a Difference Award from Surrey Choices.

Surrey Choices held their Award Ceremony at Denbies Wine Estate on Tuesday 16th January for customers & employers that have gone that extra mile and deserved to be celebrated.
Whiteley Village was nominated and won an award for all our help securing and facilitating last years’ group placements with Brooklands College Students and as a result members of the Facilities & Estates Team proudly accepted this award for Whiteley Village.

From May to July last year students from Brooklands College were offered a block of six weeks work experience at Whiteley Village.  Approximately 20 students came to the village for 4 hours each day, 2 days a week to help with gardening activities including helping with planting, edging pathways, cutting back hedges and tidying villager gardens as well as some administration work and village surveys (counting lamp posts and marking bench locations).  They were supervised by 2 tutors as well as staff from our estates department including Nik Reynolds, Stuart Cameron and Michael Whitfield.

Click HERE to watch Chandra McGowan, CEO and Stuart Cameron, Head of Estates talk about the benefits of working with Surrey Choices.

If you would like more information or would like to discuss similar opportunities please contact our Volunteering Department on 01931 825487


The Villager Magazine – January 2018

You can view/download the January issue of the Villager magazine HERE.


The Villager Magazine – January 2018

Welcome 2018

The Editorial team has been working on the Villager Magazine since early last year. Huge credit goes to Claire and Natalie, who do the technical wizardry which turns scraps of paper, vague suggestions and emailed photographs into the sophisticated publication you receive each month. Without their skill and tact we would be lost.
The Committee meets twice monthly, once to plan and once to proof-read. There are those who might say our proof-reading is not as good as it could be. I have to admit to finding errors after publication, but all I can say is that you should see it before we work on it. The planning meetings are great fun as we toss ideas back and forth. As the New Year goes on the Villager will report on the many wonderful events put on by the Social Committee and the Trust. The photographs of the Village will reflect the changing seasons, beginning with carpets of crocuses and daffodils in Spring, through the superb Summer flowers and shrubs, and on to the stunning Autumn colours. Even in winter there are colourful berries and evergreens to admire.
It is lovely to receive so much support for our efforts from the Village. Do keep sending in the recipes, poems, jokes and one-liners. Comments are always welcome, but more so if they come with positive suggestions rather than negative condemnations.
Wishing everyone a Happy 2018.
The Villager Magazine Committee

Building and Planning Update December 2017

The December update on the Building and Planning at Whiteley Village is available to download HERE.

The Villager Magazine – December 2017

You can view/download the December issue of the Villager magazine HERE.


The Villager Magazine – December 2017

Where has this year gone?

We have thoroughly enjoyed the past 10 months working on The Villager Magazine. The Villager committee have been invaluable in helping us to get the magazine just how you want it and so thank you! We value all of your feedback, positive and constructive and so please do continue to pass this on. If you are unsure as to who your committee are, next month they will be writing the editorial and so whilst we are always available please do use your committee too for any feedback or questions. For various reasons we do have a space available to join the committee, if this is of interest then please do not hesitate to contact us. Whilst not essential we do think perhaps a male opinion (so Phil has company!) would be ideal.
This month, Chandra & Martin have chosen the front cover and would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff that work so hard throughout the Village. To be accredited by The Investors in People with a Silver Award was a true testament of everyone’s hard work, which I am sure you will agree.
May we take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous 2018!
Claire, Natalie and Phil

The Villager Magazine – November 2017

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The Villager Magazine – November 2017


Firstly, let me say how sorry I was to hear the news that Pauline Crook had passed away, and my thoughts are with Bill and all of Pauline’s family and friends. As one of the founder members of the new Villager Magazine Committee, Pauline played an integral part in the changes that have been made to the magazine this year and she will be missed by us all.
Looking back at the changes we have made over the last nine months, it is so nice to continue to receive so many favourable comments, but we are always happy to receive any constructive critique that may help to improve your magazine further. With this in mind, we have received a number of concerns recently about the quality of the pictures. This is a problem we have been aware of since the request from Villagers to move from gloss paper to matt paper and has been a difficult balance to strike. However, having spoken with our printers again this month they have introduced us to a new smooth gloss textured finish that we are trying out for the first time in this months’ edition, and we hope that you will notice the difference.
I continue to be very grateful to all the committee members for their time and hard work bringing the magazine together each month, and to all of you for your contributions.
We do try very hard to include all submitted content each month, but with limited space and budget inevitably we cannot include everything we receive, but will do our utmost to ensure that if you miss one month that you will be in the following month. With so much content coming in we often fill the magazine several days before deadline day, so the sooner you can get your articles to us the better.
Many thanks
Philip Baker

The Villager Magazine – October 2017

You can view/download the October issue of the Villager magazine HERE.


The Villager Magazine – October 2017

This month I wanted to share a story with you all that myself and the editorial team have had a good giggle over! A gentleman called Bob sent me a picture of him and his wife visiting the Canadian Rockies, you may recall seeing it on page 24 of last month’s magazine.
On the 1st of September Bob emailed me to ask if I had forgotten to include his picture in
the magazine. Certain that I had, I replied to Bob advising yes, whilst a little small, it was printed on Page 24. Bob’s response a day later was that on his page 24 it was titled ‘Reminders Cont..’ along with an advert for Georgian Closet for sale.
Starting to fear that we were perhaps talking about different magazines I sent him a picture of the front cover along with a copy of our page 24 featuring ‘Goodbye to Jane’, to which he responded ‘Who is Jane the Receptionist??!!!’
It turns out that Bob had indeed submitted his photo to the wrong Villager Magazine.
Bob lives in Deaton Creek, Georgia in the United States of America. It’s funny how one simple typing error in an email address, can lead to a picture being sent half way across the world!
I have since sent Bob a copy of The Whiteley Villager Magazine and so we have now gone
Claire Atkins


Building and Planning Update October 2017

An update on the Building and Planning at Whiteley Village is available to download HERE.

September 2017 – Weekly Newsletters

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The Villager Magazine – September 2017

You can view/download the September issue of the Villager magazine HERE.


The Villager Magazine – September 2017

As the summer holidays come to a close I find myself looking back on my first few weeks at Whiteley. I arrived when the spring blossom was in its full beauty and it really felt like a fresh start. It was an exciting time to join as there was a buzz of activity with many activities and events planned for the summer. It was great to be part of the villager and staff team who made all these events such a success. One of my favourite events was the children’s treasure hunt, as their enthusiasm was infectious! The school children jumped out of their minibus with happy faces and they could not wait to start the hunt. With clues in hand they dashed off to find out all they could about Whiteley Village’s history, buildings, activities and wildlife. Before we knew it they were running back with all the answers in hand. They were presented with a Whiteley Village Centenary medal and a very large cupcake for all their efforts. It was really great to welcome two local community primary schools into the village and we look forward them visiting us again for future events. Although August has been
a quieter month we still had a great flower show to enjoy and coming up in early September is the Whitely Village Dog Show and Annual Golf Day at Burhill Golf Club.
In October we are reminded of Founders Day and I am sure William Whiteley would
be very proud of the village we helped create. Personally I think the dedication and
enthusiasm of the Villagers, Staff and Trustees makes Whiteley Village a unique
and special place to live. On a final note I am sure most of us have been
wondering what happened to the weather in August? Well here’s hoping there is
an Indian summer before we head into the autumn months!
Natalie Brotherton


August 2017 – Weekly Newsletters

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The Villager Magazine – August 2017

You can view/download the August issue of the Villager magazine HERE.


The Villager Magazine – August 2017

Wow!! what a month, and what a fantastic Centenary weekend celebration!!
The fun all kicked off in style under rather cloudy skies on Friday 14th when a group of 30 children from Walton Oak School and 30 children from Bell Farm school came for a Treasure Hunt around the village taking in much of the history of the village and having great time…
Fortunately, the rain stayed away, and we received wonderful feedback from the teachers and children. In fact to quote two of the children…one said ‘This is the best day ever’ and another asked …’is there a spare cottage because I would love to live here?’
Unfortunately we weren’t quite so lucky with the weather on Village Fayre Day, but the rain certainly didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of everyone involved and clearly a great time was had by all. This was my first Village Fayre and I really enjoyed the day, and it was great to see everyone coming together in a day of fun and celebration. Well done to the Village Fayre
Committee and to all the helpers and volunteers that helped to make the day such a success.
…So to the final day of the weekend, and what a festival of music we all enjoyed on Sunday 16th. It was like our own little Glastonbury but without the mud!! I would like to say a big thank you to Claire and Natalie in the events office for all their hard work in making the event such a huge success. It was so nice to see residents and staff all coming together for a day of fun and celebration. A personal highlight was watching Pearl Wilkinson from Huntley House release the 100 balloons representing a 100 years. With nearly 400 picnics served, Caterplus did a wonderful job and the strawberries and cream were delicious too! Thank you also to Sylvie and the team that worked so hard keeping the drinks flowing throughout the day.
Cheers to you all, and here’s to the next 100 years!!

Philip Baker