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The Villager Magazine – September 2016

You can view/download the September 2016 issue of the Villager magazine HERE.


The Villager Magazine – September 2016


It was a beautiful day when the film crew arrived and I have to say what fun it was to have them in the Village. They had been let down by a previous location and were delighted that we could offer them a setting that was perfect for the scene to be shot. As a result they have made a generous donation to the Village and we will have the pleasure of viewing Whiteley scenery in a new film next year.

I came in to see the activity on Saturday morning and have to admit that I personally had no idea that the process was so complex, time consuming and labour intensive. Of course what we as consumers see is always the end product, the piece in front of the cameras. But behind the scenes there are myriads of people all making a contribution to the final production. It’s quite like that running the Village too.

Many of our staff and volunteers are seldom seen, but all play their individual part in the overall “production”. I know some residents have questions like, why do we need so many staff, what can they possibly all be doing and why are we changing what they do? All good questions, and in this analogy with making a film my response is that as the world around us places ever increasing expectations on the quality of the product ( film or village) the roles involved in production must change and develop too. We cannot stand still, otherwise the Whiteley world as we know it would still be showing silently in black and white, not the wonderful Technicolor we all believe it could and should be.


Chandra McGowan, CEO