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Villager Magazine – July 2016

You can view/download the July 2016 issue of the Villager magazine HERE

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Villager Magazine – July 2016

Surrey University Care and Support Research Report

This month it was a great pleasure to receive the research report undertaken by Surrey University on our behalf. Many of you will know that we had asked them to find out what our Villagers think about care and support here. The idea behind the research was to give us an independent analysis of what works well and what still needs to improve in the way we do things. Our hope was that whatever they discovered would then enable us plan improvements and to build upon the areas of good practice that you tell us you value the most.

The inclusive nature of the research has allowed 40 people to give in depth feedback on many aspects of care and support, and inevitably village life more generally. The team also asked staff about their experience of coordinating and giving care to those who need it. As a result they have been able to shed light on the areas where they too would like to make changes based on their current experience of care giving. This rich picture of information has given us much food for thought and we want to share the findings with everyone so that together we can decide on the things that are the most important to tackle first.

To that end the summary document is enclosed in this magazine. It is a set of recommendations that were formulated by the researchers as a result of their discussion with everyone. This however, is simply the start of further conversations about how we can now all work to improve care and support across the Village. If anyone would like to see the full report they can obtain a copy at the Admin office reception. In the meantime we would welcome your feedback and suggestions for what we should do next and how best to involve people who perhaps have not yet had a voice.

If you receive our magazine and live within The Village please feel free to use the feedback form that was attached to the Summary to let us know what you think are the priorities. We would be grateful if you could put your completed survey in the boxes provided, either at The Administrative Office, The Care Centre or Huntley House, by Friday 22nd July 2016.

My thanks go to all staff and residents who gave their time to be part of the research. It is another milestone for Whiteley by being the first piece of research specifically designed to help us improve.