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Villager Magazine – June 2016

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Villager Magazine – June 2016

In my last two pieces I have been talking about connections – or more accurately, the lack of them. Back in April I was eluding the fact that within our village there are people who are lonely and not connected. Last month I was highlighting how some people never get the chance for a holiday and all the new opportunities for friendship and fun that it can bring.

This month I want to highlight the things on our doorstep that already connect people, and could do even more. Specifically, I want to mention our faith communities within the village. I have recently had the pleasure to meet with some of the leaders of these groups and with their colleagues from the local area too. They work together to ensure that everyone can gain support and comfort for their own particular spiritual needs, but they also ensure that the labels associated with some religious practice are not divisions that prevent connection.

In the spirit of friendship the churches reach out to many people both within Whiteley and further afield. We should cherish this network of connections and not be afraid to embrace the differences. Life is richer for these and sometime our friends and neighbours just need a someone to reach out to them to make that difference.

Whiteley welcomes one and all.

Chandra McGowan, CEO