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Villager Magazine – May 2016

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Villager Magazine – May 2016

Many people have been away for some time in April, residents, staff, trustees and, most notably for me, Jacci. It is often at this time of year that people either go away or start planning to go away.

In my experience it is often the planning that is just as much fun as the holiday. By the time this article is published I shall be on a flight to Porto with a small group of very old school friends for a few days rest and relaxation. The joy and laughter we have had over a recent Sunday lunch in trying to work out who wants to do what in our role as “tourists” has been a great chance to re-connect with our long since forgotten school days !

In the meantime I am aware that very many of our residents within the village either cannot afford, or do not have sufficiently good health to go away. To that end we are trying hard this year to make the very most of the wonderful opportunities we have within the Village to support people to do something different or new, if they would like to. It may not be a holiday as such, but the chance to connect with new people in the Village, to nurture fresh friendships and maybe experience the Whiteley world in new way is always positive.

I do also want to remind everyone that there are sources of funding that can support people who simply need to get away. Agnes and her team are alert to requests for this kind of help and can assist with accessing funding in certain circumstances. Please don’t be afraid to ask. We understand how hard this is and will treat any request in complete confidence.

We will also support you to take a break from the Whiteley routine, by connecting with what is already available on our doorstep. A change is as good as a rest, they say!

Chandra McGowan, CEO