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Villager Magazine – January 2016

You can view/download the January 2016 issue of the Villager magazine HERE


For some the start of a new year can bring feelings of excitement and anticipation, for others it maybe a time of fear and anxiety. Each of us approaches newness with a different set of expectations and these are often based on our past experiences. With Rachel leaving us we are in a new situation regarding the magazine. We know from feedback that this is a highly valued way of communicating Whiteley news and therefore we want to preserve its Village essence, but also take the opportunity to streamline its production.

Key points to note relate to print deadlines, space available and page headings, none of which are new and all of which will make production easier if we can get them streamlined. So we will be asking all contributors to make sure they hit the print deadline each month, there will be no room for late additions sadly; we shall also have dedicated pages on key areas of Village life (much as we do now) that you will be able to submit articles or photos for. For all who can email their submissions that would be much appreciated. As page numbers are predetermined there will need to be allowance for the fact that sometimes we will not have space for everything that is submitted. This could mean that we have to defer some articles to the following month.

With the new situation arising from Rachel’s departure we have decided to outsource the production and the printing to a small family firm in Hersham, though be assured that what goes in each month will remain firmly ours. We hope that if we can work the new system well, then the current proof readers, who do such a good job, will be able to continue to help us ensure that the wording and content are relevant and helpful for you. Please bear with us over the next few editions as we work to get this right, it may take a couple of months and with your feedback we aim to make the magazine an even more useful source of information.

Chandra McGowan, CEO