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Skype for Seniors: Connect, Care, Create

Skype for Seniors:  Connect, Care, Create
Jacqueline Reischel

Whiteley Village chosen to pilot exclusive new community initiative

I am a retired grandmother living in Surrey. My daughter and her family moved to Canada and I was heartbroken to see them go and then also miss my grandson’s first birthday. Fortunately, I was able to watch him open my gifts, eat his cake and enjoy his special day – all through the wonders of Skype.
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Whiteley Village calls for supporters to get online in the Starbucks #RedCupCheer Challenge

Whiteley Village seeks support to make social ‘noise’ for community donation

Whiteley Village is asking supporters to Tweet its name with the hashtag #RedCupCheer and follow its project page on, before sharing online to help it win a £1,000 Red Cup Grant during the second annual holiday challenge from Starbucks.

Supporters can follow Whiteley Village on and Twitter, tweeting using the twitter handle @whiteleyvillage along with the hashtag #RedCupCheer to help them win the vote, and up to £1,000 through a Red Cup Grant. Participants are also invited to follow the charity’s project page on Neighbourly’s website HERE, sharing the link online to contribute to the social noise being calculated across the initiative.

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